IDW Publishing and Hasbro, Inc., are proud to announce the upcoming release of “TRANSFORMERS: Prime"— an all-new original graphic novel that sets the stage for the much-anticipated new animated series on the Hub Netork this fall.

The novel, written by Mike Johnson (“Star Trek: Countdown,” “Superman/Batman”) and featuring art by E.J. Su, Allan Jefferson, David Daza, and Joe St. Pierre, tells the gripping tale of what drives the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS from a war-torn CYBERTRON across the galaxy to Earth.

The novel highlights the AUTOBOTS’ escape from DECEPTICON forces, rendezvous with OPTIMUS PRIME, and warning of the coming threat from MEGATRON and his army. CLIFFJUMPER and ARCEE also star in this compelling adventure that pits them against STARSCREAM in a battle to save the galaxy.

"TRANSFORMERS: Prime" ($9.99, 96 pages) will be available in stores beginning September 29.


TRANSFORMERS: Prime graphic novel from IDW