Even if you are not old enough to watch the movie hit of the summer TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN it does not mean you cannot play with your favorite characters.

Designed to enable easy play for younger fans, TRANSFORMERS MOVIE POWER BOTS are 10-inch robot-only versions of favorite TRANSFORMERS AUTOBOT BUMBLEBEE and DECEPTICON MEGATRON.


Taking POWER BOTS to the next level with a second mode for “mega” action! MEGA POWERBOTS include OPTIMUS PRIME and DEVASTATOR. 

When the DEVASTATOR MEGA POWER BOT figure is face down, he appears to be six different vehicles, but when standing upright, he is the monstrous DECEPTICON, DEVASTATOR.

OPTIMUS PRIME comes in his powered up mode from the movie enabling him to fly.
devastator_powerbot      devastator_powerbot_veh



Even the younger kids can discover the more than meets eye magic in the GRAVITY BOTS – the easiest converting TRANSFORMERS product yet. Just tip the vehicle and gravity takes care of converting into robot mode.
op_gravitybot      op_gravitybot_robot