Hall of Fame


Thousands of TRANSFORMERS fans from around the world were in Orlando this past weekend for the 16th annual TRANSFORMERS Collectors’ Convention, BOTCON.

Hosted by the TRANSFORMERS Collectors’ Club and Hasbro, BOTCON featured appearances by voice actors from the recent blockbuster movies and animated television series as well as panel discussions led by TRANSFORMERS experts. Attendees had the opportunity to buy and sell merchandise, check out our latest TRANFORMERS products, the new TRANSFORMERS: War for Cybertron video game and view the fan-created diorama and customized figure contest.

This year’s convention also featured, for the first time ever, an interactive experience celebrating the launch of the global “HUNT FOR THE DECEPTICONS” online gaming promotion. Attendees could help the heroic AUTOBOTS locate and thwart the evil DECEPTICONS in a physical interpretation of the online gaming experience.

Hasbro also launched the TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame at the convention. Created to honor those influential in building this iconic entertainment brand as well as the actual “ROBOTS IN DISGUISE” the inaugural induction ceremony was one of the highlights of the weekend. TRANSFORMERS influentials Bob Budiansky, Peter Cullen, Hideaki Yoke, Kohjin Ohno and robot characters OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, MEGATRON and STARSCREAM were members of the inaugural class. DINOBOT was named as the first “fan’s choice” robot character, voted on by the fan community onsite at the induction ceremony.




Honorees Bob Budiansky, Peter Cullen and Hideaki Yoke accept their induction awards at Hasbro’s inaugural Transformers Hall of Fame ceremony. Budiansky, a creator of Transformers comic-books; Cullen, the original voice of Transformers character “Optimus Prime” and Hideaki of Japanese company Takara Tomy, an original innovator of Transformers toys, were honored at the BotCon 2010 Transformers Collectors’ Convention in Orlando, Florida, Saturday, June 26, 2010.