Hall of Fame

TRANSFORMERS fans around the world were asked, who should be inducted into TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame. Voting will start on Monday, May 10th with 5 candidates nominated by Fans to choose from.

Fan’s choice nominee #5 is: DINOBOT
"Let me be judged accordingly. The rest is silence.”

Once feared as a PREDACON, DINOBOT found himself stranded alongside MEGATRON in the distant past. There, his code of honor led him to make a choice between following MEGATRON or standing against him. Eventually, DINOBOT joined the heroic MAXIMALS and fought in the BEAST WARS over control of ENERGON, the fate of the human species and CYBERTRON itself. Having sacrificed his life in an honorable stance against the PREDACONS, DINOBOT was cloned by MEGATRON and reborn into Transmetal 2 DINOBOT. By splitting in half the spark in PREDACON RAMPAGE™, MEGATRON was able to control this clone and wield him as a weapon. With the destruction of RAMPAGE, Transmetal 2 DINOBOT’s spark became whole again, along with the consciousness of the warrior that once took hold of this new form and helped save the day.