Hall of Fame

TRANSFORMERS fans around the world were asked, who should be inducted into TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame. Voting will start on Monday, May 10th with 5 candidates nominated by Fans to choose from.

Fan’s choice nominee #4 is: SHOCKWAVE
“Clarity of thought is the key to deciding your actions.”

The cold and calculating mind of SHOCKWAVE makes most DECEPTICONS question and fear his true intensions. SHOCKWAVE has always secretly sought control over the DECEPTICONS, but believes all of CYBERTRON will benefit from his scientific and logical approach to rule. Perhaps as powerful as MEGATRON, SHOCKWAVE will loyally serve the DECEPTICON leader until the time inevitably comes when logic dictates that MEGATRON must be retired permanently. In the meantime, SHOCKWAVE uses his vast knowledge to plan military assaults on AUTOBOT forces and to perform gruesome experiments on other TRANSFORMERS. Perhaps his only weakness is letting his emotions get the better of him, leading to spontaneous and irrational actions.