TRANSFORMERS fans around the world were asked, who should be inducted into TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame.


2012 Fan’s choice nominee: WHEELJACK

“Statistically speaking I should be the winner."


WHEELJACK has built everything from magnetic inducers to immobilizers to gyro-inhibitors, and even the occasional DINOBOT. While his inventions often indeed do what they are supposed to, they just as often blow up. WHEELJACK is also a member of the WRECKERS, a division of AUTOBOT warriors who don’t play by the rules and often take on missions that others can’t - or won’t. When called upon, WHEELJACK serves as the chief weapons officer and ship’s engineer for the team. His personal ship, the JACKHAMMER, served as his mobile headquarters in the wake of the great shutdown of CYBERTRON. WHEELJACK had made it his personal mission to cruise the stars in search of lost AUTOBOTS, but specifically for WRECKERS who have lost their way.