TRANSFORMERS fans around the world were asked, who should be inducted into TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame.


2012 Fan’s choice nominee: SKY-BYTE

“Who's the baddest shark around? Who's the smartest shark in town? Sky-Byte, that's me! ”


A proud PREDACON to the core, SKY-BYTE lead his warriors into battle against AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS.  His desire to be in MEGATRON's good favor drove him - and sometimes he got lost.  His skills are legendary amongst the PREDACON ranks.  Legendary because SKY-BYTE rarely completed a mission.  He has a soft side for poetry - a skill no one else has - or wants.  If it weren't for SCOURGE and the DECEPTICONS, SKY-BYTE would never have strayed from the PREDACON cause.  In his jealous rage, SKY-BYTE looked to the enemy for acceptance - including KOJI and the AUTOBOTS.  Perhaps that is why the AUTOBOTS allowed him to remain free on Earth after the final battle - where he currently roams the ocean attacking illegal fishing vessels.