TRANSFORMERS fans around the world were asked, who should be inducted into TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame.


2012 Fan’s choice nominee: RODIMUS

“Everyone knows I’ve got the potential to win!”


RODIMUS is young, naïve, headstrong, and daring when it comes to his own safety in the field.  Willing to push himself to the limit in order to get the job done, RODIMUS is known for conceiving highly dangerous plans to achieve his objectives.  Believing that no bot should ever be left behind, RODIMUS will even put his own spark on the line to keep this promise to all who serve under him.  Despite his immaturity, RODIMUS is considered an inspirational figure to many of his fellow AUTOBOTS, and some have even come to call him RODIMUS PRIME.  Unfortunately, one time RODIMUS got in OPTIMUS PRIME’S way with disastrous results.