TRANSFORMERS fans around the world were asked, who should be inducted into TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame.


2012 Fan’s choice nominee: MEGATRON (BEAST WARS)

“You shall vote for me.  Yesssssssss."


Using the former leader of the DECEPTICONS as his namesake, MEGATRON orchestrated a plot to steal the Golden Disc, an ancient relic from the time of the AUTOBOT/DECEPTICON war.  The disc led MEGATRON and his PREDACON crew to ancient Earth, where they, along with the pursuing MAXIMALS, reformatted into indigenous life-forms, instigating the BEAST WARS. After MEGATRON conquered the alien technology of the Vok, discovered the crashed Autobot Ark, nearly killed OPTIMUS PRIME, and gained control of the DECEPTICON warship NEMESIS, he was eventually defeated and returned to CYBERTRON by OPTIMUS PRIMAL.  Once there, MEGATRON created an army of VEHICONS to help him conquer the planet.  Unfortunately his beloved rubber ducky was left behind on primitive Earth.