TRANSFORMERS fans around the world were asked, who should be inducted into TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame.

Fan’s choice nominee: JAZZ

“Vote for me or you’ll be sorry. I’m a bad cat who likes to party.”

JAZZ embodies the essence of what it means to be an AUTOBOT. Loyal, brave and cunning, have allowed JAZZ to rise to become one of OPTIMUS PRIMEs top lieutenants in the war against the DECEPTICONS. Having joined OPTIMUS PRIME on the Ark during the Great Exodus from CYBERTRON, JAZZ’ upbeat attitude has always been a source of inspiration to his fellow AUTOBOTS. An admirer of Earth culture, JAZZ effortlessly incorporates the popular local vernacular into his dialect. JAZZ has even built his obsession with music into his weapons systems with his deployable speaker blasters capable of firing up to one hundred sonic booms per second.