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The TRANSFORMERS Collectors' Club is a place where collectors and fans can have even more TRANSFORMERS fun!

All members receive the TRANSFORMERS Collector's Club Magazine, a bi-monthly offering that featuring formation on everything from Generation 1 to Hasbro's all-new TRANSFORMERS: Prime. Also included are great character profiles, product reviews, information on new releases, interviews with the Hasbro brand team, and so much more! Each issue also includes an ongoing six-page TRANSFORMERS comic.

And, here is the really big news! Members can also receive a exclusive TRANSFORMERS Collectors' Club figure!

Visit transformersclub.com to learn about the other great perks you can receive by becoming a TRANSFORMERS Club member!


A membership fee will apply. The TRANSFORMERS Collectors' Club is operated by Fun Publications and not by Hasbro.

Autobot reconnaissance positions
"Welcome to Autobot Headquarters. The Autobots keep all the current information on Decepticon activity here."

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