Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Figure

Ages: 4 YEARS & UP
Item: A2177
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Relive the epic moment in Star Wars when Anakin crossed over to the Dark Side with this amazing electronic Anakin to Darth Vader figure! This 2-in-1 figure says real Anakin movie lines and has a blue Lightsaber – that is, until you decide the moment has come! Attach the gear and helmet to make the figure "become" Darth Vader and press the button to change the Lightsaber's color to red. Now the figure says Darth Vader movie lines and makes Darth Vader breathing sounds! You'll have incredible adventures with the Force with this awesome electronic Anakin to Darth Vader figure!

Figure comes with mask, cape, chest plate, helmet and instructions

Ages 4 and up.

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