Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Power Webs Rocket Ramp Spider-Man

Ages: 4 YEARS & UP
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Ultimate Spider-Man Power Webs figures let you unleash awesome flex-and-fire "web-powered" Spider-Man battle action! Each Power Webs figure has its own battle accessory or action attack that you activate using the figure's stretchy Power Webs. This Rocket Ramp Spider-Man figure comes with a launching hoverboard and stunt ramp. Flex the Power Webs and launch the web slinger into battle!

Flex-and-Fire "Web-Powered" Action
Spider-Man swings between buildings, catapults himself off rooftops, battles villains, and performs other amazing, acrobatic stunts with his one-of-a-kind webs. You can create your own "web-powered" action with Ultimate Spider-Man Power Webs figures! Each Power Webs figure features built-in, stretchy Power Webs that activate an accessory or trigger a battle action. Figures include Spider-Man and other favorite heroes and villains from the Ultimate Spider-Man TV animated series. (Each figure sold separately.) The action is exciting and simple to activate. All you have to do is flex and fire!

Includes Power Webs Rocket Ramp Spider-Man figure with hoverboard, stunt ramp and instructions.

Flex-and-fire "web-powered" action
Launching hoverboard
Launch the figure off the included stunt ramp
Each Power Webs figure features a battle accessory or action attack (additional figures are each sold separately)
Some accessories can swap between Power Webs figures

Ages 4 and up

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