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Strategic Partners - World Vision

World Vision World Vision

From helping children affected by a disaster or children affected by AIDS in Africa, Hasbro and World Vision have been partners for many years.

World Vision, working in nearly 100 countries, is the one of the largest international relief agencies in the world and provides emergency assistance to children and families affected by natural disasters and civil conflict, work with communities to develop long-term solutions to alleviate poverty, and advocate for justice on behalf of the poor.

Hasbro, through the Hasbro Children’s Fund, has supported World Vision in a number of ways to help the children in Zambia, Africa. Working with World Vision to form the “Hasbro HIV/AIDS Initiative” in support of children infected with or affected by AIDS in Zambia. Hasbro’s partnership with World Vision supported school improvements including the purchase of desks, chalk boards, text books, radios for distance education programming in rural settings and construction materials for new schools. Our support also helped to send community schoolteachers for formal teacher training to improve their effectiveness in the classroom. Currently most teachers are volunteers and are not trained, and most children attending community schools are orphans. Hasbro funds also allowed for the purchase of 10-ton trucks to transport commodities for vulnerable households.

Most recently, Hasbro is partnering with World Vision on the Video Interactive Learning for Education Project. This project being implemented in 40 schools in Zambia, Africa aims to increase the literacy and math skills of approximately 7200 children by the end of 2015. Through this program students learn new concepts and skills through audiovisual learning resources and teachers lead students in related activities to reinforce the concepts. To help teachers be successful, they are provided training and all materials for the project to help them teach and assess the students’ knowledge of the lessons.

Hasbro is also proud to partner with World Vision when a disaster happens by providing toys and games for children and families who are displaced from their homes. These toys and games provide comfort during what is a difficult time for the children and their families.

To learn more about World Vision, please visit www.WorldVision.org.