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Hasbro Children's Fund

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The Hasbro Children’s Fund is responsible for the majority of our company’s grant making.

Grants made by the Hasbro Children’s Fund focus on three core principles:

  • programs which provide hope to children who need it most
  • play for children who otherwise would not be able to experience that joy
  • the empowerment of youth through service

Philanthropic Partners

With the help of strategic philanthropic partners, we work to make the biggest impact for children in need. Hasbro has entered into these strategic partnerships to support children on both a global and national scale. Visit our Strategic Partners page to learn more about the work we do with these wonderful organizations.

Local Grants

In the locations where Hasbro has operating facilities (RI; Springfield, MA; Renton, WA; Los Angeles, CA) we annually provide local community grants which support programs that deliver; stability for children in crisis; pediatric physical and mental health services; hunger security; educational programs; quality out of school time programming and programs that empower youth through service.

A list of the organizations that received a local grant from the Hasbro Children's Fund in 2013 can be found here.

Our local grant making is determined through an RFP process and at this time, we are not currently accepting proposals.